Jun 19 2024

3 Spanish Products Shine at the Taste Institute’s Superior Taste Awards

 Roast suckling pig, a special beer, and a 100% acorn-fed Iberico ham were all recognized for their exceptional quality with a Diamond award

At the International Taste Institute’s Superior Taste Awards, three Spanish products achieved the coveted Diamond status. The Diamond awards go to the “best of the best” products in recognition of their exceptional quality.

The first is a precooked roast suckling pig, ready in 30 minutes, from El Cochinillo Segoviano, SL. This cut comes from 21-30 day-old piglets that are raised in Spain and weigh around 5 kilos. The pigs are slaughtered when young, which yields a tender product as they’ve fed on maternal milk. This product is pre-roasted and then vacuum-packed and comes with its own sauce.


The second is Alhambra Especial beer, from Cervezas Alhambra. This intense beer is made using a slow fermentation process, which gives it its light and fruity nuances , mild bitterness, full body, and special flavor, as the name suggests.

The third product is 100% acorn-fed Iberico ham, from Ibéricos Montesano. This acorn-fed ham comes from pigs raised in the dehesas of Extremadura. It is considered a unique product, not to mention a delicacy, thanks to the singular traditions and techniques used to make the ham, the type of pigs used, and the health benefits provided by the ham.

The Superior Taste Awards is an annual, non-competitive competition for consumer food or drink products. Organized by the International Taste Institute since 2005, it recognizes products of high gustatory quality. Products are blind tested by professional chefs and sommeliers, who score them out of 100 based on five criteria: first impression, vision, olfaction, taste, and texture (or final sensation for drinks).