Chorizo from Pamplona

Cured stuffed meat product presented in an elongated shape, whose ingredients are chopped pork (45%), beef (20%), and pork fat (35%). It is marinated with salt, mild and hot pimentón, spices, garlic and sugars. This mixture is then stuffed into a thick casing. The particular characteristics of chorizo from Pamplona as compared to other types of chorizo with a similar composition is that the meat is chopped particularly fine, giving it a very distinctive texture.

Tasting notes

It has a smooth texture and is oily on the palate. It has a strong taste of pimentón. No acidity.

Other notes

It is a very finely chopped chorizo, which when sliced has a reddish-orange color (due to pimentón), with a clear differentiation between meat and fat (the fat is seen in rice-sized grains), all evenly distributed without forming a paste. The exterior, which has a slightly granulated appearance, is a thick casing with a diameter of about 4 centimeters.

Production / Processing method

First the pork and beef are minced together and the pork fat is chopped into small pieces the size of rice grains, that is to say, between 3-5 mm. The meat is mixed with the seasonings, then kneaded until a homogeneous paste is formed. It is then stuffed into a natural or artificial casing of animal origin with a caliber of between 55 and 80 mm. It then undergoes a process of heating and aging or smoke curing, after which it is allowed to dry for 30 days in regulated drying rooms or in a natural environment.