Chorizo Riojano PGI

Category Extra additive free stringed chorizo sausage. A stringed sausage recognizable by its typically cylindrical horseshoe shape, it has a firm and compact consistency. It normally has a wrinkled appearance, cuts smoothly and is well blended, with a clear distinction between the pieces of meat and fat. It is made with top quality ingredients, meat and fat that are excellent for making charcuterie products, all seasoned with dry fine salt, 100% premium quality pimentón (Spanish type of paprika) and garlic, all packed into a natural casing of pig's intestine.

Tasting notes

This chorizo has a balanced and intense aroma with a noticeable emphasis on pimentón, together with a touch of garlic. It has an intense and very long-lasting flavor and a great balance between lean meat and fatty content. It is not bitter and can sometimes have a pleasant spicy taste. It has a balanced texture, good cohesion, is satisfyingly chewy and very juicy.

Other notes

The protected chorizo has the following physical and chemical properties:

Humidity: max. 45 %

Collagen/protein mix: max. 14 %

Fat: maximum 63%

Nitrates expressed as NaNO3: max. 100 ppm

Nitrites expressed as NaNO2: max. 20 ppm

Total phosphates, expressed as P2O5: max. 7 500 ppm

Easily recognizable by its typically more or less cylindrical horseshoe shape, with a caliber of 30-40 mm, minimum weight of 200 g, a firm and compact consistency, normally with a wrinkled appearance. It cuts smoothly and is well blended, with no abnormal coloring and with a clear distinction between the pieces of meat and fat.

Production / Processing method

This certified chorizo sausage is distinguished from others of its kind for its special flavor and because it is made using traditional methods in premises where strict controls are in place throughout all stages of the production, drying and labeling process. Procedures are also in place to safeguard the quality and correct handling of all raw materials used.

Production facilities are designed to guarantee that the appropriate technical, hygiene and health processes are applied to raw materials, products, sub-products, factory staff, machinery and equipment, ensuring that manufacturing procedures are followed to the letter, as set out in Health and Technical Regulations and other applicable legislation.

All the meat used in making this protected product is nerve-free lean pork meat, and pork belly or streaky pork bacon without skin obtained from castrated or female white pigs. The mixture is always packed into a natural casing of pig's intestine.

An Expert Rioja Chorizo Tasting Panel carry out regular tastings and other tests, assessing up to 23 attributes of this chorizo and ensuring compliance with established quality standards.

Geography / Relief and climate

La Rioja is in the western part of the Valle del Ebro region and is home to a wide variety of landscapes, vegetation and animal life. Its naturally defined areas have many different geographical features, including fertile river meadows.

The defined geographical area includes three types of climate conditions:  this combination of climates means that La Rioja is the ideal place for naturally maturing and drying this product. The conditions enable the correct physical and chemical changes to take place slowly within the sausage, producing its typical and distinctive cut, flavor and aroma.

Nowadays, however, the climate plays a lesser role, as the final production stages take place in chambers where the atmosphere is carefully controlled and where ventilation, humidity and temperature can be regulated, although this process is still largely dependent on the prevailing weather conditions outside, which continue to play an important role.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador de la IGP Chorizo Riojano
Centro Tecnológico de la Industria Cárnica de La Rioja
Crta, N120, Km 22,8
26315 Alesón (La Rioja)
Tel: (+34) 941 369 263


Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

Regulatory Council, Chorizo Riojano PGI

Alesón (La Rioja)

Alesón (La Rioja)