Gilthead sea bream

Gilt-head bream belongs to the same family as the sea bream, namely Sparidae, in the Perciformes order. Its scientific name is Sparus Aurata. It grows to a length of 70 cm, and the maximum recorded weight is 17 kg, although it generally weighs between 0.8 and 4 kg.

Tasting and nutritional notes

The flesh of Gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) is white and tender. It is considered the tastiest fish among the Sparid family. Thanks to its juicy flesh and savory taste it has become one the world’s most popular fish choices and is a typical fish in Spanish cuisine. It is perfect to cook in the oven, grilled or accompanied by sauces but always enjoyable thanks to its supreme taste and great texture, each and every time!
This fish is recommended for low-calorie diets because of its reduced fat and high protein content. Gilthead sea breams are also rich in calcium and phosphorus, which strengthen our bones. And of course, its rich content in Omega-3 fatty acids makes them a very healthy choice for all ages. 

Other information

You will recognize a Gilthead sea bream by its shiny, silvery-gray color with an oval, compact body, laterally flattened sides and a forked tail fin. The head is large with respect to the rest of the body, with an arched profile. This fish takes its name from an attractive golden spot between the eyes.
Gilthead sea breams are raised in Spain with great care in the clear waters of the Mediterranean, South Atlantic coast and the Canary Islands. Hatcheries produce eggs from breeding individuals under tightly controlled conditions. Each female gets to lay more than 2 million eggs of 1 mm in diameter. During their first month of life, the larvae feed on living organisms: rotifers and artemia. This fish requires a minimum of two years to reach market size during which they are on-grown in net pens under strict conditions to assure a reduced environmental footprint. They are fed a diet with responsibly sourced marine and agriculture raw materials that cover the biological requirements of the fish and take care of their welfare. The market size of Gilthead sea bream ranges from 350 g to more than 2,000 g.