Gall del Penedés PGI

The product covered by the ‘Gall del Penedès’ PGI is the fresh meat of chickens (males and females) of the improved Black Penedesenca variety of the traditional Penedesenca breed. The breed is slow growing and very hardy, has great vitality and a light, Mediterranean build and produces a dense meat. It is resistant to the heat and cold typical of the Mediterranean. The minimum age at slaughter for ‘Gall del Penedès’ chickens is 98 days.

Tasting notes

It is characterised by its flavour, the reddish colour of the carcasses and the firm and succulent meat and muscles. The diet of these chickens includes grape seeds that gives the meat distinctive organoleptic qualities: it smells more nutty and less strongly of bark, has a flavour that was less like ordinary chicken, less sweet, more metallic and with a more fibrous texture.

Other notes

Their plumage, black legs and deep red crest mark how these birds look. ‘Gall del Penedès’ carcasses are classified as class A (in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 543/2008). The carcass has no excess fat, the skin is white, the meat is reddish and the feet are black with a white base.

The minimum weight is 1.5 kg for an eviscerated carcass without giblets (plucked, eviscerated and without the head, feet, heart, liver or gizzard) and 2 kg for a partially eviscerated carcass (plucked and gutted, but with the head and feet still on).

‘Gall del Penedès’ carcasses are sold fresh, either whole or cut into pieces.

Production / Processing method

‘Gall del Penedès’ chickens are fed on a diet based on the traditional diet for the geographical area covered by the PGI, adapted to current formulas and agri-food techniques. The distinctive feature of the diet is that it includes grape seeds.

The basic feed is made up as follows:
58-60 % maize
33.5-35.5 % soya and its derivatives
5-5.5 % grape seeds.

Animal fats are prohibited, with the exception of milk derivatives.

‘Gall del Penedès’ chickens are reared within the defined geographical area. Chicks arrive at poultry production farms for fattening when they are 24-48 hours old. When they reach the age of 42-56 days, the chickens are given access to outdoor ranges. They are reared for a minimum of 98 days.

The end product destined for consumption under this PGI must prominently bear the words IGP ‘Gall del Penedès’ or Indicación Geográfica Protegida 'Gall del Penedés’ and the PGI’s own logo.

Geography / Relief and climate

The geographical production area for the PGI corresponds to the historical region of el Penedès, which is distinguished by being the place of origin of the traditional Penedesenca breed, from which ‘Gall del Penedès’ stems, and for being a largely wine-growing region in which approximately 80 % of agricultural land is used to grow grapes. This provided an abundance of pressed grapes (known as brisa) that were dried in the fields before being fed to the birds, alongside grape seeds.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador de la IGP Gall del Penedés
Carrer Hermenegild Clascar, 1/3
08720 Villafranca del Penedês (Barcelona )
T:+ 34 93 890 00 00

Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

Villafranca del Penedés (Catalonia)

Villafranca del Penedés (Catalonia)