Bitter orange

Citrus fruit from the wild orange tree with the scientific name of Citrus aurantium. It is a medium-sized tree with numerous spiny branches. The fruit has a diameter ranging between 7 and 9 cm, and is very juicy. It has a bitter or sour taste. It is primarily used as the main ingredient in marmalade.

Tasting notes

Bitter taste with faint sweet notes.

Other notes

Flatter, and with rougher skin than other oranges.

Production / Processing method

It is usually harvested using ladders and the wide triangular necked containers, which are filled with oranges that are subsequently unloaded onto a trailer and then into a tank. When the orange is destined for use in the preserves industry for the purpose of making marmalade, it undergoes the following process: the peel is removed and the fruit is cut into quarters, the rind is cut to the size selected by the customer, then added to the beaten pulp.

Geography / Relief and climate

The Guadalquivir valley (Andalusia) has the gently rolling landscapes typical of fertile agricultural areas. There are two basic zones: one older and hillier to the east of Cordoba, and another flatter area to the west of Cordoba.

The climate in Seville is Mediterranean, with an annual average temperature of 26ºC / 78.8ºF in summer and 12ºC / 53.6º F in winter, with gentle breezes which blow throughout the spring and summer. The winters are mild, and there is scarce rain in the fall (average annual precipitation: 534 mm), with higher temperatures in summer.