Clementinas de las Tierras del Ebro PGI

Fruits of the Citrus reticulata species from the Clementina fina, Clementina Hernandina and Clemenula varieties.

Tasting notes

Fruit with a thin, elastic skin, with a bright orange color. Excellent balance between sweetness and acidity, with juice accounting for more than 40% of the weight.

Other notes

  Fina Hernandina Clemenula
Color index, Cl 13.9 12.7 12.5
Density (g/cc) 0.928 0.920 0.875
Rind thickness (mm) 2.5 2.4 2.5
Rind (% in weight) 28.3 23.2 21.5
Number of segments 9.2 9.3 9.9
Juice density (at 15ºC) 1.045 1.052 1.047
Juice (% in weight) 46.20 46.71 44.1
Soluble solids (%),E 11.25 13.50 12.20
Total acids (%), A 0.82 0.61 0.66

Production / Processing method

For the first few years of the Clementine tree’s life, it is pruned to form a strong, vigorous structure. Subsequently, pruning aims to promote fruit production. Harvesting takes place when the fruits have reached minimum maturity values and the juice content is appropriate depending on the variety. The fruits must be harvested using clippers rather than picking them off the tree by hand in order to prevent the skin from being pulled off the fruit, and harvesting must take place when there is neither dew nor mist.

Geography / Relief and climate

This area has three different topographical characteristics – mountains, the quaternary plain and recent alluvia. Cultivation takes place on two types of soil – one which is excellent for dry farming, and another for irrigated farming. The phosphorus and potash content is medium-high, and the lack of high concentrations of potash means that the skin of the fruit is not very thick. The climate is warm maritime, with a long, completely frost-free period. Winters are warm, with a marked contrast between daytime and night-time temperatures. This slows down the ageing of the fruit skin, and increases the coloring. These features, plus the fact that maturation takes place later than in other areas, means that the fruit can be placed on the market later without losing any of its commercial quality.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador de la IGP Clementinas de las Tierras del Ebro
Raval de Crist, s/n.
43500 Tortosa (Tarragona)
Tel.: (+34) 977 502 945


Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

Tortosa (Catalonia)

Tortosa (Catalonia)