Manzana de Girona PGI

Fruits from the Malus domestica Borkh L species, of the Golden, Red Delicious, Gala and Granny Smith varieties.

Tasting notes

The Golden variety is firm, juicy, crisp and with a sweet, highly aromatic flavor.

The Red Delicious variety is firm, juicy and very sweet.

The Gala variety is firm, juicy, fine and very crisp, with a sweet flavor.

The Granny Smith variety is compact, firm and juicy, with an acidic flavor.

Other notes

The apples have a firmness of 1.5 to 2kg (3.3 - 2.4 lbs), superior to that of fruit of the same variety from other areas.

-Golden variety: Green-yellow fruit, high-caliber smooth skin. Whitish flesh, with a semi-upright tree that quickly produces fruit. Pinkish-white flower, large and highly resistant to frost.
-Red Delicious variety: Red, high caliber fruit. Whitish flesh, with a weak tree that quickly produces fruit. Pinkish-white flower, productive and slightly sensitive to frost.
-Gala variety: Two-tone fruit. Skin with noticeable streaks and a medium caliber. White flesh, with an upright, strong tree that quickly produces fruit. Pink flower, large and resistant to frost.
-Granny Smith variety: Deep green, high caliber fruit. Its strong tree has a characteristic drooping effect, and quickly produces fruit. Pinkish-white flower, very productive and resistant to frost.
Maturation parameters for harvesting by variety:

  Golden Red Delicious Gala Granny Smith
Sugar º Brix Minimum 12 Minimum 11 Minimum 13 Minimum 12
Flesh consistency (kg) Between 5 and 7 (11 – 15.4 lbs) Between 5 and 7 (11 – 15.4 lbs) Between 6 and 8 (13.2 – 17.6 lbs) Between 5 and 7 (11 – 15.4 lbs)
Starch 5-7 5-7 5-7 5-7





Production / Processing method

Planting layout: distance between trees: 1-1.80 m (3.3 – 5.9 ft); distance between rows: 3.5-4 m (9.8 – 17.7 ft); planting density: 2,000 – 3,000 plants per hectare (2.47 acres).

Rows are planted from north to south to ensure even lighting for the leaves and fruit, and they are formed around a central axis.

The most modern requirements in growing practises are used for working and pruning the trees. The oldest branches are removed through a long pruning system, searching for the tree’s natural balance, thus allowing adequate light to enter and quality fruit to be produced as a result.

Harvesting begins in mid-August for the Gala variety, September for the Golden and Red Delicious varieties, and mid/late October for the Granny Smith variety. It is always based on physical and chemical parameters which are verified before the harvest begins: flesh consistency, refractometric index (ºBrix), and starch regression index, which may alter the harvest dates from one year to the next.

At registered treatment and packaging plants, the fruit is subjected to (among other processes) classification, preservation (in chambers with normal atmospheric conditions or ultra low volume), packaging, quality check in detail and labeling.

The entire process, from production to labeling, is carried out within the production area.

Geography / Relief and climate

The Girona apple production area has standard conditions in edafoclimatic terms, providing favorable conditions for the cultivation of apples. The area rests on soil containing materials recently brought along by the rivers, resulting in a flat topography and ensuring that erosion problems are kept to a minimum, and that the soil enjoys good drainage. The climate is Mediterranean, with mild, fresh temperatures and noted contrasts between day and night which, accompanied by high levels of sunlight and relative humidity at the end of the summer, allow the fruit to take on good coloring and high sugar content.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador de la IGP Manzana de Girona
Mas Badia
17134 La Tallada d’Empordà (Girona)
Tel: (+34) 972 780 816


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