Patata de Galicia PGI

Tubers of the species Solanum tuberosum L, cultivated variety 'Kennebec', grown for human consumption.

Tasting notes

Firm to the touch and creamy on cooking. Firm in the mouth. Excellent quality, especially because of the dry matter content and the color, aroma and flavor once cooked.

Other notes

The tubers vary from round to oval in shape, and have light yellow skin and white flesh. The skin is smooth and thin with very superficial eyes. The dry matter content is over 18% and the reducing sugar content below 0.4%.

Production / Processing method

Production follows traditional methods throughout. The same plots are never used two years in succession, and only locally-produced, certified seeds can be used. Plant density is 75 x 32-35 cm. Organic fertilizers are used, ensuring that the right C:N ratio is maintained. Earthing up is obligatory and crops may not be watered during the last thirty days prior to harvest. The maximum yield allowed is 22,000 kg/ha on dry farms and 35,000 kg/ha on irrigated farms. The potatoes are packed in batches by size (always between 40 and 80 mm). They are transported separately in designated vehicles and stored in special premises authorized by the Regulatory Council.

Geography / Relief and climate

The climate, soil and careful farming techniques used in the sub-zones in the Autonomous Community of Galicia ensure that the potatoes produced are of exceptional culinary quality. The main features of the climate are plentiful rainfall, with 1,000-1,500 mm / year, and mild temperatures. These lead to excellent vegetative development and continuous growth of the tubers without the need for irrigation. The dry period in August and September when the soil lacks moisture means that the tubers lose water content and are able to mature perfectly, forming a strong, uniform skin. This helps improve the keeping qualities of the potatoes as well as their culinary quality. The soils in the production area are mostly loamy or loamy-sandy, with pH between 5 and 6.5, ideal conditions for this crop. The soil texture allows the potatoes to produce thin, uniform skin and to come out of the earth clean, with no need for washing.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador de la IGP Patata de Galicia
Finca Devesa, s/n. N-525. Apartado de Correos 75
32630 Xinzo de Limia (Ourense)
Tel: (+34) 988 462 650
Fax: (+34) 988 462 650


Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

- Instituto Galego da Calidade Alimentaria (INGACAL)

- Regulatory Council, Patata de Galicia PGI

Xinzo de Limia (Galicia)

Xinzo de Limia (Galicia)