Fruit from the European (Prunus domestica) or Japanese (Prunus salicina) plum tree. This is a stone fruit (drupe), with a fine skin and sweet juicy flesh.

Tasting notes

The most characteristic feature of the plum is its sweet flavour and juicy flesh.

Other notes

The color depends on the variety, and the plum may be either yellow, deep red or green.

Geography / Relief and climate

This fruit is resistant to low temperatures. Given its early flowering period it may be affected by spring frosts. It prefers temperate climates, but grows well in relatively cold climates if planted in sheltered sites. The European varieties are fairly resistant to spring frosts, whereas the Japanese cultivars are more demanding with regards to temperature and humidity, and are grown in south- and east-facing exposures. For this reason the plum tree is grown all over the Spanish geography.