Sweet pastry made using traditional methods from pastry dough with eggs (optional), sugar and butter, or oil or lard, and flour. It usually has an oval shape (although it can also be found rectangular and round). It is normally decorated with candied fruit, pine nuts and sugar.

Tasting notes

Due to its ingredients the coca has a predominantly sweet note.

Production / Processing method

Yeast, eggs, sugar, butter, flour, salt, spices and milk are all kneaded together in a mixture. The dough is strecthed into oval sheets and the surface is brushed with soft marzipan, and any desired ingredients are then placed on top of the dough (the traditional coca is kneaded with pine nuts and candied fruit). It is fermented with the yeast and then baked in the oven.

Today all types of coca are made according to traditional methods in bakeries and cake shops.

Geography / Relief and climate

The typical geography and climate (in all its variety) of the eastern part of the Iberian Peninsula, and although the geoclimatic conditions are not so important today, in the past they determined the use of some or other ingredients, depending on their availability.