Sweet with a shiny dark brown color, made with toasted almonds pressed into a medium-sized tablet, with melted sugar and sometimes honey and/or aniseed grains. It is presented in bars of between 8 and 10 g approximately, individually wrapped as for tablets of turrón (almond nougat).

Tasting notes

It has a flavor of mild caramel and toasted almonds, with aniseed notes.

Other notes

The color is an almost transparent brown and shiny. The texture is hard due to the solidified sugar.

Production / Processing method

The almonds are first toasted, and the sugar is heated at a controlled temperature in a copper pan until it caramelizes. The almonds are added to this solution and stirred. Before cooling the mixture is pulled to the correct thickness (stretched).

This product differs from other almond products like sugared almonds in that the caramel for mixing is thicker, which means that the guirlache sticks together and forms a single piece, whereas in sugared almonds the nuts are separated.

Geography / Relief and climate

The Autonomous region of Aragón is located in the centre-east and south and northeast of the Iberian Peninsula and is crossed by the Sistema Ibérico mountain range. It borders on France to the north, from which it is separated by the natural boundary of the Pyrenees.

The main river in Aragón is the Ebro, which crosses through the centre, and its tributaries.