Mazapán de Toledo PGI

A thin, compact marzipan dough resulting from mixing or kneading peeled, raw, crushed almonds, with sugar or sugars of different types, used as a base for a variety of typical confectionery from Toledo (Castile-La Mancha). The dough may contain a filling, or may be coated with other confectionery or patisserie products.

Tasting notes

A sweet but intense almond flavor, with a marked aroma also of almond and a soft, smooth, compact texture.

Other notes

The baking process is key for the end product as are the coating, the degree of toasting, and the color variation (from light yellow to cinnamon and caramel). With regard to shape, the product must not be swollen, flattened or cracked. Certain specific characteristics of color and appearance when cut are also required.

Almonds are the principal ingredient in this product and must be present at least in a proportion of 1:1, that is, 50% of the total content. The almonds must be from the sweet varieties, peeled, and have a minimum fat content of 50%. The product must therefore have a minimum fat content of 26%.

The type of sugar used is not relevant. It may be beet or cane sugar, honey, glucose, sucrose or other natural sugars.

Production / Processing method

The peeled, raw almonds are moistened and mixed with the sugar or sugars of different types. The mixture is crushed or kneaded. It is then shaped, filled or coated and baked. When baked, the main aim is that the surface sugar should caramelize to give the desired appearance. The products may then be covered with candy or pastry products. Finally, they are packed.

Regulatory Council

Asociación de Fabricantes de Turrones y Mazapanes de la Provincia de Toledo
Paseo de Recaredo, 1
45001 Toledo
Castilla-La Mancha
Tel: (+34) 925 228 710

Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

Toledo (Castile-La Mancha)

Toledo (Castile-La Mancha)