Tocinillo de cielo

Sweet whose texture has similar consistency to crème caramel but creamier, made with caramelized egg yolk and syrup baked in a bain marie. They are usually almost cubic in shape, as the most typical presentation is in small portions. The color is midway between yellow and orange.

Tasting notes

The predominant taste is of egg yolk and sugar.

Other notes

Tocino de cielo is usually presented in individual portions or else in the form of a cake.In the case of individual portions, it is known as "tocinillos de cielo" in the plural, as these are smaller pieces cut from a large slab of tocino de cielo.

Production / Processing method

It has traditionally been made by hand, although today it is produced industrially by various firms and for widespread consumption. The first stage is to prepare the syrup by heating water with sugar, adding orange juice for flavor. Separately the eggs are whisked for two or three minutes and placed in a container, and the syrup is added, beating continuously. The mixture is thickened using dissolved flour. This mixture is then poured into previously caramelized molds and cooked in a bain marie. Once it has cooked to the right consistency and texture, it is placed under the grill to brown the top until golden. It is removed from the mold and cut into regular squares.

Tocinillo de cielo