Turrón de Agramunt PGI

Turrón, a confectionery made from peeled, roasted almonds or hazelnuts, with honey, sugar and/or glucose syrup, egg white and wafers.

Tasting notes

The flavor is sweet and the texture irregular, with a combination of hard and porous parts. It is crisp and melts in the mouth.

Other notes

Light golden-brown in color.

The physical and chemical characteristics are as follows:

- Moisture (maximum):
Almond turrón: 5.0 in Supreme quality and 6.0 in Extra
Hazelnut turrón: 5.0 in Supreme quality and 6.0 in Extra

- Proteins (minimum):
Almond turrón: 11.0 in Supreme quality and 9.0 in Extra
Hazelnut turrón: 7.0 in Supreme quality and 5.5 in Extra

- Fats (minimum):
Almond turrón: 32.5 in Supreme quality and 26.0 in Extra
Hazelnut turrón: 30.0 in Supreme quality and 24.5 in Extra

- Ash (maximum):
Almond turrón: 2.2 in both Supreme and Extra
Hazelnut turrón: 2.0 in both Supreme and Extra

Production / Processing method

The hazelnuts are roasted then cooled and peeled. The almonds are peeled before they are roasted. Meanwhile, the honey and sugar are cooked until all the moisture has been absorbed.  The mixture is then left to cool slightly, the egg whites are added and it is cooked again then, finally, the hazelnuts or almonds are added, depending on the type of turrón being prepared. While the mixture is still hot, it is molded and coated with wafers. It is then cut mechanically or by hand into bars, and packaged.

Geography / Relief and climate

L'Urgell, lying in Catalonia’s Central Depression, borders on the districts of La Noguera, El Pla d'Urgell, Les Garrigues, La Conca de Barberà and La Segarra. With a surface area of 226mi2 and an average altitude of 350 m / 1148 ft, it can be divided into three main areas – the Urgell plain, the banks of the Segarra and those of the Sió. The most irregular part lies to the north where the Sió valley cuts through the Almenara mountains. To the south is the Riucorb valley bordering on the La Segarra and La Conca de Barberá districts.

The climate is continental Mediterranean, with medium mountain climate in the highest areas and sharply-contrasting temperatures between winter and summer. The winters are cold, with frequent mists, and summers are very hot. The landscape is irregular, with small valleys alternating with flat, high ground.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador de la I.G.P. Turrón de Agramunt o Torró d’Agramunt
C/ Angel Guimerà, 9-11
25310 Agramunt (Lleida)
Tel: (+34) 973 391 732

Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

Regulatory Council, Turrón de Agramunt or Torró D`Agramunt PGI

Agramunt (Catalonia)

Agramunt (Catalonia)