Jul 27 2023

Foodys (ENHOL Group) and Cocuus Announce a Groundbreaking Collaboration

The agreement focuses on the industrialization and commercialization of 3D bio-printed food products

In terms of pricing, the initial strategy aims to align the cost with similar vegan products available on the market. However, the ultimate goal is to achieve competitiveness with animal-based bacon, made possible by the scale of production capacity at the facility. Cocuus' CEO and co-founder, Patxi Larume, explains that the production line has a capacity of one thousand tons per year, ensuring an adequate supply to meet consumer demand.

Looking beyond plant-based bacon, Foodys and Cocuus have ambitious plans to expand their plant-based product range. Future offerings will include analogs of fish and seafood, such as shrimp, salmon, octopus, foie gras, and tuna. To support this growth, Cocuus has invested approximately two million euros in a state-of-the-art, 4,000-square-meter technological center in Landaben, Navarra, inaugurated in November 2022.

Cocuus' approach to bio-printing sets it apart from conventional 3D printing models. Their revolutionary multidirectional bio-printing process incorporates axial tomography (CT scans) to emulate the natural composition of food products, accurately mapping fat, meat, bone, and vascular pathways. This data is then fed into Cocuus' proprietary machinery, allowing for precise replication of the desired food items. The company aptly terms this technique "Food-to-Data, Data-to-Food."

With the establishment of the world's first large-scale plant-based food bio-printing facility, Foodys and Cocuus are spearheading a transformative shift in the food industry. Their innovative approach, coupled with a commitment to sustainability and flavor, paves the way for a more inclusive and environmentally friendly future.