May 30 2023

From Waste to Resource: Experts Transform Tomato By-Products into Hydrophobic Resins for Food Containers

Recent advancements in biotechnologies have opened up exciting new possibilities for using these resources in food production processes to increase product value and reduce waste

Steel and aluminum are currently the main materials used to manufacture metal cans and containers, but in contact with food, these materials can corrode and contaminate the preserved food. To prevent this, the inside of these containers is coated with a very thin layer that protects the metal from corrosion. However, the use of BPA, a common component of these coatings, is prohibited in Spain for the manufacture of food packaging due to its potential to disrupt the endocrine system and cause various health problems. In this regard, the tomato pomace resin developed by the team has a hydrophobic nature, meaning it repels water, and a high adhesion capacity to the metal of the can it coats, making it an excellent alternative to traditional coatings that contain harmful chemicals.

The innovative work of these experts demonstrates the vast potential of biotechnologies to address pressing environmental challenges and create sustainable solutions. By transforming food waste into valuable resources, they are contributing to a more circular and sustainable economy that benefits everyone.