Nov 21 2022

Plant-based CPGs are gaining market share

With sales rising and more product options online and in stores, we can see how plant-based food has been trending upward.This trendy segment is growing at a quicker rate than traditional products.

The study "The market for plant-based alternatives in Europe: what is its real size?" by the Smart Protein project based on data from the consulting firm Nielsen (February 2021) finds that the European plant-based sector has grown by 49% in just two years, reaching a total sales value of €3.6 billion.

Specifically in Spain, the study finds that the sales value of plant-based food grew by 48%, accounting for €448m over from 2019-2021, while sales volume increased by 20% over the same period, reaching €265million Kg/L.

In this matter, potent spanish food brands are being a big part of this growth. For example, Current Foods which is founded by the spaniard Sonia Hurtado, landed in August in Spain’s markets offering two frozen and 100% vegetable references, ready to prepare sushi, poke or ceviche: Current Tuna and Current Salmon.

The leading plant-based CPG Spanish brand, Heura Foods, after doubling its turnover in 2021 and reaching €17.7 million, the Spanish startup is looking to strengthen its different business verticals and create new ones. Following the successful launch of chicken nuggets, Heura, launches two new breaded products that belong to its chicken line: Heura's Chick'n Fillet, and Heura Long Burger Supreme.

In Spain, these products can be found in large national supermarkets such as Carrefour, Carrefour Market, Alcampo, Eroski, La Sirena and regional supermarkets such as Bon Preu and Casa Ametller, as well as specialized stores.

Moreover, following the Spanish tradition, new projects have arisen to maintain the traditional Spanish cuisine. Based on an ancestral recipe of Galician pumpkin chorizo, Calabizo has been founded to create a sausage that looks, smells and tastes like the traditional chorizo, made only with vegetable ingredients.

Calabizo is galician-based company focused on the creation of innovative gastronomic products that follows a strict principle: all its products are made with Spanish ingredients of vegetable origin, without any additives or preservatives.