Sep 21 2023

Sacha Inchi, a material to create new nutritious, affordable, and more sustainable foods

Spanish BeAmaz and Blendub have joined forces to create foods using Sacha Inchi as the main material

Innovation and collaboration stand as pivotal driving forces in the shift towards novel circular models within the food industry. The collaboration between companies enables the generation of synergies and the tackling of common challenges within the industry. In this manner, each company can enhance its efficiency and achieve the development of more innovative solutions, creating a positive impact on the sector and the environment.

Within this framework, BeAmaz, a pioneering Spanish foodtech startup, and Blendub, a Spanish platform specializing in services and technology for the food sector, have joined forces to create new nutritious, affordable, and more sustainable foods using Sacha Inchi as the main material. Sacha Inchi, is considered a superfood, rich in proteins, fiber, vitamins A and E, and healthy fats, this seed is cultivated within its own ecosystem and boasts an impressive yield of one ton of protein per hectare, making it a highly efficient crop.

This initiative was presented at the latest United Nations Sustainable Development Forum. This strategic collaboration aims to develop a new food solution that is nutritious, sustainable, and accessible to the most vulnerable populations, while also providing employment and development opportunities and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

BeAmaz focus on the possibilities offered by the indigenous Amazonian seed, Sacha Inchi, which is considered a superfood. Blendhub will contribute its expertise in powdered food blends to the project, along with its food-as-a-service platform, which supports professionals and food companies from the conceptualization of an idea to the launch of a new product through a network of food production centers.

On another note, BeAmaz is also co-developing protein-rich bread with Europastry. Thanks to this "super seed," they are envisioning, designing, and conceiving the future of bakery products from the present.

The collaborative synergy between innovation-driven entities marks a transformative era in the trajectory of the food industry. By nurturing cooperation among enterprises, the sector not only addresses shared challenges but also elevates its overall efficiency, leading to the creation of ingenious solutions that reverberate positively across the industry and the environment.