Apr 20 2022

Showcasing Disruptive Technologies & Trends in Foodtech Events

Every industry is evolving at a rapid pace that invites innovation to take place.

Foodtech event

Through various initiatives, Spain has developed one of the most prolific ecosystems in the food industry. In this matter, five Spanish companies attended the event, representing Spain’s foodtech industry across different food chain categories, such as Camoco Foods, a company which produces organic sugar specialty products made from natural sugars, Cubiq Foods S.L.,the developer of Go!Drop®, an emulsion of vegetable oil and water with healthy fat that lowers the overall caloric content, Soria Natural S.A, a company which creates new therapeutic alternatives made from plants, Aceites Garcia De la Cruz S.L, a family-owned company that produces 100% organic, extra virgin olive oil, and Milola Gluten-Free S.L, a company that creates gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian cookies.

Later, in the Alimentaria event which took place in Barcelona during April 4-7, over 200 industry experts led the attendees into the future of food through the latest product innovations and new trends regarding the industry, consumption, marketing, and distribution. The event focused on three fundamental pillars: sustainability, healthy eating, and digital transformation.
In this matter, AECOC examined the digitization of out-of-home consumer activities, while AINIA Center presented success stories in the application of Artificial IntelligenceBig Data, and other technologies to the food industry.

The digital economy was also highlighted in several sessions in which the latest developments in mobile applications, e-commerce and digital marketing applied to the food industry were discovered.

As we support more events in this area, we are looking forward to discovering new technologies and food trends to make a better future and planet.

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