Nov 15 2023

Spain Foodtech Startups Program Reveals 2023 Cohort of Agrifood Pioneers

These visionary startups are leveraging innovative technologies, exploring natural alternatives, and championing the use of upcycled proteins.

1. Bio2coat: Specializes in the development of natural coatings that extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Their innovative solution addresses two critical challenges in the food industry: reducing food waste and eliminating single-use plastic packaging. Bio2coat has also been recognized as one of the winners of the Fi Europe Startup Innovation Challenge 2022.

2. Néboda: Focuses on automation technology for vertical farming, enabling high-density, cost-effective cultivation systems. Their technology includes an automated robot that optimizes production times, maintains stringent quality standards, and mitigates potential contamination risks.

3. Poseidona: Led by women, Poseidona transforms waste from algae production into innovative ingredients and proteins for plant-based foods. Their approach contributes to Spain's circular economy and has a positive impact on the marine ecosystem.

4. Mmmico: Utilizes various techniques such as fermentation, directed evolution, and artificial intelligence to swiftly develop new natural alternatives to synthetic flavorings and colors, reducing both time and cost.