FWS Academy

Learn about the training programs from Foods and Wines from Spain, courses designed for professionals, such as importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, people in the hospitality sector, journalists from specialized outlets or teachers from hospitality schools, and also for food and wine lovers.


Level 1: Spanish Wine Specialist Certificate is an online course for professionals who want to acquire and consolidate the essential pillars of knowledge of Spanish wine. The aim is to increase their affinity with Spanish wine and provide them with an honest, structured argument that they can present to their own teams, clients or readers.

Level 2: Spanish Wine Educator Certificate for professionals with solid knowledge of the wines of Spain, with the ultimate goal of many of them becoming part of the group of Spanish wine trainers/opinion leaders in different countries. In order to obtain this diploma, students will participate in an experiential trip to Spain.

In 2021 and 2022, 500 professionals were trained between the two levels. These courses on the wines of Spain are taught in English and Mandarin Chinese. In the case of China, in addition to training importers, distributors, and journalists, this program includes an additional course for wine store managers and another for wine lovers.


Level 1: Spain's Pantry Certificate is taught completely online by internationally renowned professors. It lasts five weeks and consists of four modules, which will cover seafood and canned seafood; meat and meat products, including pasture and game meats, ham, sausages and cheeses; the essential ingredients of Spanish cuisine, such as olive oil, dressings and spices; pastries and wines.

Level 2: Hospitality Training Certificate is a program designed for executive chefs and Food & Beverage directors of major international hotel groups who make purchasing decisions. After a first phase of online training, which is necessary to immerse students in Spanish gastronomy, the food and beverage industry, and innovation in terms of both business and service within the framework of the hotel industry, students go on a "voyage of discovery" of the gastronomic culture of Spain. The purpose of the trip is to learn first-hand about Spain's emblematic products and how they are used.

More than one hundred professionals were trained in 2022 in this program.

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