Chicken marinade

Seasoning different types of meat is very common in both traditional and innovative Spanish cooking. It is an ancestral culinary technique that involves preparing a paste from condiments, spices, oil and salt, among other ingredients.

Unlike "escabeches", which refers to the immersion of the product in a liquid with spices, condiments, oil and vinegar, seasoning or marinades involves placing raw food in a hodgepodge of ingredients, including paprika, garlic, salt, vinegar and/or oregano, for several hours. This gives rise to pieces that are especially tender and have a deeper flavor, complete with very interesting nuances for the palate. It's not a new technique. In fact, it was used in ancient times, except that back then it was applied as a preservation method due to the lack of refrigeration.

Since this is no longer an issue, we use this technique to boost the product's flavor with a view to enjoying other nuances and tastes. This technique offers infinite possibilities and allows for as many combinations of ingredients as you can imagine.

The cuts of chicken that work best with this technique include wings, thighs and even breast.