Salting is a culinary technique used in Spain for both fish and meat. The advantage of this method of preparation is that all the moisture and microorganisms are removed from the product so it can be preserved for much longer without spoiling.

To prepare salt-cured meat, you'll need the following ingredients:

300 g sugar
300 g salt
600 g sirloin steak
10 g pepper
10 g olive oil

Start by cleaning the meat and removing the excess fat so that it's as lean as possible, and then spread out on a tray and add pepper.

Mix the salt and sugar in a bowl and, once mixed, cover the meat completely with the mixture.

Leave it to macerate for 12 hours, after which you can remove all the salt and sugar covering the meat, washing it in a bowl of water.

Once it's clean, put it in the fridge for a full week and then your salt-cured meat is ready.

To serve, we recommend slicing it and adding a little olive oil. It makes for a delicious appetizer!