The word estofado comes from the French term estoufée, which means to asphyxiate, because the ingredients are cooked in a container that is completely closed off, with the result that the meat absorbs all the flavours of the other ingredients. In Spain, this is a traditional cooking technique and it gives rise to different recipes.

For this technique, you'll need the following ingredients:

100 g carrot
100 g onion
30 g olive oil
2 g pepper
150 g red wine
700 g water
300 g pork cheeks

Start by removing the excess fat from the meat and then cut it into pieces. Add salt and pepper and place it in a pot with a dash of olive oil. Brown the meat for a few minutes and then remove it.In the same pot, add the carrot and the onion and fry lightly. Add the meat again and pour in the wine and water until it boils.
Close the pot and let it cook for 90 minutes. Remove it from the pot and now you have a delicious stew!