Almond Milk, Rose-flavored Spun Sugar and Pomegranate


Remove the seeds from the pomegranate and set aside.

For the almond milk
Crush the almonds with the water and leave to stand for 12 hours. Liquidize the mixture, blending it three times until a dry paste forms. Take about 200 g / 7 oz and make into iced powder using a Pacojet. Mix the honey and sugar into the rest of the almond milk (1 l / 4 1/4 cup).

For the rose jelly
Mix the water and rose water, add the xanthan gum and sugar. Use a blender to avoid the formation of lumps. It is then necessary to remove any air by placing it in a vacuum pack. Brunoise the rose petals and add to the jellied liquid.

For the rose-flavored spun sugar
Place the sugar in a candy spinner and spin, then add the crushed, dried rose petals.

Spanish recipe: Almond milk, rose-flavored spun sugar and pomegranate. Photo by: Toya Legido/©ICEX.


Place the pomegranate seeds on a plate with the rose jelly and the iced powder. Top with the spun sugar. Finally, drizzle the almond milk which will immediately melt the spun sugar and the iced powder..





25 minutes (+ 24 h. for the almond milk)

  • 1 pomegranate
  • 500 ml water
  • 600 gr Marcona almonds
  • 100 gr honey
  • 25 gr sugar
  • 1 whole rose
  • 100 gr rose water
  • 100 gr water
  • 20 gr sugar
  • 2 gr xanthan gum
  • 100 gr sugar
  • 8 dried rose petals
  • 1 pomegranate
  • 17.723 fl. oz water
  • 21.164 lb Marcona almonds
  • 3.527 oz honey
  • 0.882 oz sugar
  • 1 whole rose
  • 3.527 oz rose water
  • 3.527 oz water
  • 0.705 oz sugar
  • 0.071 oz xanthan gum
  • 3.527 oz sugar
  • 8 dried rose petals
  • 1 pomegranate
  • 2.113 cup water
  • 2.79 lb Marcona almonds
  • 0.49 cup honey
  • 0.145 cup sugar
  • 1 whole rose
  • 0.49 cup rose water
  • 0.49 cup water
  • 0.122 cup sugar
  • 0.039 cup xanthan gum
  • 0.49 cup sugar
  • 8 dried rose petals
Wine match

Alberto Redrado Calavia

We have chosen a Nadal 1510 late harvest (2000) (DO Penedès) by Nadal Cava. It is a sweet white made from Macabeo grapes harvested under the effect of “noble rot” (Botrytis cinerea) and aged in oak. The low level of acidity, a sugar content slightly higher than that of the dessert, clear floral notes, slight touches of honey, lychee and balsamic touches from the botrytis make it a good match for the almond milk.