Ibérico Cold Meat Platter


A typical selection of Ibérico cold meats includes ham (jamón), cured loin of pork (lomo), Spanish red sausage (chorizo) and or salchichón. All these cold meats come from different parts of the Ibérico pig and are prepared and cured using different methods in order to achieve different flavors. The most celebrated cold meat is the Ibérico ham, but lomo, chorizo or salchichón are also well worth trying. Arrange the slices of the different cold meats on a wide dish.

Preparation: Sonia Fuentes/©ICEX.

Spanish tapa recipe: Ibérico cold meat platter. Photo by: Toya Legido/©ICEX.


Accompany these cold meats with some “picos”, small pieces of crunchy bread which are ideal to eat with this very Spanish tapa.

Nutritional Facts

Energy (kcal): 210
Energy (kJ): 880
Protein (g): 19.6
Fat (g): 14.4
Carbohydrates (g): 0.6
Fibre (g): 0
Niacin (mg): 6.3
Iron (mg): 1.6
Vitamin B12 (µg): 0.6

Information provided by: The Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN)



15 minutes

  • 75 gr sliced Ibérico ham
  • 75 gr sliced Ibérico sausage
  • 75 gr sliced Ibérico cured loin of pork
  • 75 gr sliced Ibérico salchichón
  • 2.646 oz sliced Ibérico ham
  • 2.646 oz sliced Ibérico sausage
  • 2.646 oz sliced Ibérico cured loin of pork
  • 2.646 oz sliced Ibérico salchichón
  • 0.375 cup sliced Ibérico ham
  • 0.375 cup sliced Ibérico sausage
  • 0.375 cup sliced Ibérico cured loin of pork
  • 0.375 cup sliced Ibérico salchichón
Wine match

Federico Oldenburg/©ICEX

Although individually each cured meat may require a more precise wine pairing, together they go well with a young, fresh and fruity red Rioja wine.