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Interest in Spanish wine among US consumers has been steadily growing in recent years. The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) and Alimentos de España are promoting Wines from Spain in the US on the largest online wine retailer in the country:

Participating wines and wine regions benefit from a wide range of promotional activities and services, from direct access to regions wine assortment on the site navigation menu card, to privileged positioning on Wines from Spain dedicated landing page:

Consumers can now easily find the best of Spain's Wine on the website to purchase their favorites. They will also have access to free shipping promotions and discount promo codes. Start your own wine cellar today!


Spain boasts a wide range of wine-producing regions, each with its own unique grape varieties, terroir, and winemaking traditions. From the well-known Tempranillo of Rioja to the vibrant Albariño of Rías Baixas and the versatile Palomino, Moscatel or PX of Sherry wines, Spanish wines offer a diverse array of flavors and styles, appealing to a broad spectrum of wine enthusiasts.

Spain's rich cultural heritage, combined with its deep-rooted history in winemaking, adds to the allure of Spanish wines. The traditional winemaking methods, centuries-old vineyards, and cultural significance of wine in Spanish life contribute to the overall appeal.

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Online, United States


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