Spanish Fruit Week 2021 in China



The Second Edition of the Spanish Fruit Week (11th – 17th November) will continue the efforts on the promotion of Spanish top-quality plums in the South of China (Guangzhou and Foshan). This activity is possible thanks to the collaboration of Foods and Wines from Spain, #Alimentos de España, the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Guangzhou and Pagoda.

Pagoda is one of the biggest importers and distributors of high-quality fruits in Southern China. It has more than 4.000 franchise stores in 20 provinces in China. Not only they are a key player in the Chinese market, but also, they have a wide expertise working with Spanish products!

Spanish Plums
In 2021, following last year’s collaboration with Pagoda, FWS and #Alimentos de España will keep on focusing on high-end fruit demanding consumer in the South of China. The campaign will emphasize our products’ benefits in terms of quality and safety standards, topics the Chinese consumer is paying more and more attention. Thus, we aim to position Spanish fruit as a top choice for Chinese consumer, as its already positioned in other international and highly competitive markets like United States and European countries.

This edition, the Spanish Fruit Week will see the number of participant stores increased up to 30, adding a new and exciting location, Foshan, that will complement the efforts in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Baiyun District, Poly Xiziwan Store Jinsha Road 85, Room 101
Baiyun District, R&F City Store

Pingsha R&F City, Huayu Road 2, Room 7

Panyu District, Yajule Garden 2 Store Xingnan Avenue 398 - Guangzhou Yajule Garden, Yahuju Building 8, 126
Haizhu District, Yijing Ciyuan Store Diejing Road 213
Huadu District, Poly City Store Xinhua Street, Huagang Avenue, Poly Garden, Building 1, Floor 1, Room 103
Liwan District, Ligang Nanwan Store Nan’an Road, North Aukouyong 67, Shop 19-20
Panyu District, Yajule Garden Store Nancun Town, Guanjin Road 254
Panyu District, Yayun City, Tiancheng Store Shilou Town, Yayun Avenue 1290, Building 11, Room 106
Panyu District, Yayun City, Tianyu Store Shilou Town, Tiezhong Road 17
Tianhe District, Dongguang Village Road Store Dongguang Village Road 16-1, First Floor, A02
Tianhe District, Zhujiang New Town, Xingsheng Road Store Xingsheng Road 8, 120
Tianhe District, Juntiyuan Store Yudong West Road 38, 102 Room
Tianhe District, Leyiju Garden Store Changxing Street, Cuijing Road 61
Tianhe District, Paomadi Garden Store Tancun Road 228-342
Yuexiu District, Dongfang Wende Plaza Store Wende North Road 68, Store 110
Yuexiu District, Dade Street Store Dade Street 114-1
Zencheng District, Xintang Feicui Oasis 2 Store Chenjialin Road 101 – Kela Road Market Frontage Road, L02
Zencheng District, Shengshi Mingmen Store Xintang Town, Dongjin East Road 8, Shengjingyuan, Fifth Building, 22
Foshan Chancheng District, Olympic Garden Store Hujing Road 26, First Floor, P75-2
Gaoming District, Midea Western Coast East Bay Store Hecheng Road, Yile Road 83-65
Chancheng District, Dijing Blue Bay 2 Store Nanzhuang Town, Dijing North Road 16, Compound 2, First Floor, P12
Nanhai District, Hujing Bay Store Shishan Town, Nanhai Hujing Bay Garden, Building 7, -1 Floor, 121
Nanhai District, Junjing Bay Store Shishan Town, Junjing Middle Road, Hefujiayuan, Block 9, Shop 5
Nanhai District, Qiandenghu Garden Store Denghu West Road 3, Zhonghai Qiandenghu Garden, Building 3, 14
Nanhai District, Wanda Plaza Store Guilan North Road 28, Wanda Plaza South, Building 9, 111
Nanhai District, Yijingyuan Store Huacui South Road 6, Yijingyuan Plaza, First floor, A103
Shunde District, Junjing Garden Store Ronggui Avenue East 39, Junjing Garden 9, 2
Shunde District, Biguihua City Store Biguihua Town, Jingyuan, Building 1, 3
Shunde District, Jinweinadou Store Jinrui Road 1, Jinweinadou, Building 10, 108
Shunde District, Jinghuimingdou Store Hengan Road 24, Jinghuimingdou 101-5




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