Sep 07 2020

Galician Beef: A Real Delicacy for the Gods

The green pastures of Northern Spain are home to the most prized cows in the country: their exquisite flavor is well-known even beyond its borders.

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A Whole World Revolving Around PGI Galician Beef

That’s right. And not just a world; a whole universe really. It’s incredible how a product that’s so closely linked to the culture and traditions of a specific region can mean so much on so many levels. Just look at a few figures from 2019: nearly 8,300 farms remain active by dedicating themselves to the production of this Galician delicatessen.

More figures you say? Of course: here are some more figures! There are more than 130 thousand registered beef cows which means more than 21 million kilos of certified beef were produced last year from these lands. In other words, Galician Beef ranks first nationwide in quality beef protected by a quality guarantee seal. Plus, it is currently one of the most exported from the country: for some months now even to Japan, a country that absolutely adores delicious meat.

In view of its properties, it’s hardly odd that it’s such a beloved product: the high protein content makes it essential for a healthy, balanced diet not to mention the amino acids which are fundamental to growth and tissue repair in the body. And the benefits just keep adding up. Rich in vitamins B5, B6 and B12, eating this meat helps the nervous system function properly. Finally, it also offers minerals like phosphorous, magnesium and iron. In short: there’s just no other food that’s so complete!

PGI Ternera Gallega Ppal

From Galicia to the World: How to Make Galician Beef

The taste of this exquisite meat is so unique that no matter what dish you make with it, the result will always be spectacular. Because of the juiciness and intense flavor, this meat is ideal flame-broiled or grilled on the stove without too many condiments: it’s more than enough all by itself. However, you can have a real party in the kitchen with different seasonings.

Macerated in soy sauce or in citrus juices, sauteed with vegetables or made as tataki, in a wok, as a tartare or carpaccio: a little imagination and influences from other cultures can be used to play with these tenderloins, chops, sirloins and roasts to infinity and beyond. Any of them will just take your breath away!

After all, when a product is top-quality... the experience will always be absolutely unforgettable.

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