Programme event: Wageningen

As part of the softlanding programme, participants will spend three days visiting the most important Dutch foodtech regions and cities. With every stop, they meet with incumbents in the Dutch foodtech ecosystem. This 'roadshow' will create familiarity with the Dutch foodtech ecosystem, provides pitching and network opportunities, and give participants first-hand insights into the Dutch (business) culture - all important factors when scaling to the Netherlands.

Wageningen is a historical town in the central Netherlands, however, it is also known for its University which specializes in life sciences. In Wageningen, two Dutch foodtech hubs will be visited and participants will visit an R&D center in the city.

Foodvalley is an independent international platform that has been a major driver of the sustainable food system since 2004. The organization is acting as a catalyst for the transition by taking their time to challenge organizations to think about alternatives and at the same time be supportive of the transition of the global food system. Foodvalley is the epicenter of footech R&D and innovation in the Netherlands. For more information on Foodvalley you can visit their website through the following link: https://www.foodvalley.nl/

The next hub that will be visited in Wageningen is Startlife, the agrifood tech accelerator focused on building and shaping a sustainable food system. Startlife empowers founders to build and grow Foodtech & Agtech startups with lasting impact. For more information on Startlife you can visit their website through the following link: https://start-life.nl/

The participants of the program will also visit one or several R&D centers based in Wageningen, such as the ones in Unilever and FrieslandCampina.

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November 26 2021






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