Dec 13 2021

The Desafia FoodTech Immersion Program

The Desafia FoodTech Immersion Program have connected six leading Spanish startups with Dutch industry leaders in the food and agriculture sector


Eduardo Paz and Feltwood are on a mission to recycle food waste using supermarket trays with barrier features and disposable cutlery.


Zyrcular and Laia Verges Canet are working on innovative protein sources. They distribute a wide range of goods with varied flavors and textures inspired by Mediterranean culture, as they have the production capability in-house via a certified alternative protein plant.


Alejandro lvarez is ready to scale its organic plant-based cheeses to The Netherlands and beyond! Vegetaleso, a bold food tech venture, believes sustainable cheese will provide tomorrow's flavor. Vegetaleso's innovative fermentation technique eliminates animal components, resulting in plant-based cheeses.  Because the brand avoids using animals, it only contains four main ingredients: cashew nuts, water, Himalayan salt, and natural probiotics.


Did you know that Spain produces 66 percent of the olive oil consumed in Europe, with a total of 2.5 million olives? Vidal Blanco, Juan Manuel Ortiz, and Sergio Ortiz are the three founders of Verdeo. Vidal Blanco and Verdeo are creating unsaturated fats for changing dietary habits in the olive oil heartland. Their solid vegetable fat is produced entirely of olive oil and is completely natural.


Introducing you to Alimentos Sanygran! Mara Cuairán Calvo and Alimentos Sanygran are on a mission to enhance people's health and the food sector's sustainability through plant-based foods. They are innovating vegetable proteins, with expertise in dry extrusion and meat analogs.

Congratulations to the selected Spanish startups for The Desafia FoodTech Netherlands 2021. Unknown Group and ICEX, aim to facilitate meaningful collaborations between leading Spanish FoodTech ventures and Dutch partners to successfully scale innovations to The Netherlands and beyond. To read more about this initiative, visit Desafia Foodtech Netherlands 2021.

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