Dec 22 2021

Ibérico Ham Adds QR Codes to Improve Transparency and Quality Control

Navidul company introduces them so users can scan their ham’s code and receive extensive information about what the pig ate, where the ham was cured, how much it weighs, and more

Ham producer Navidul is going beyond when it comes to traceability. The company is using blockchain technology, using QR codes on its Ibérico shoulders to allow consumers to get a better look at each product’s life cycle. The use of this tool is next level in terms of transparency and these are the first Ibérico shoulders to use this process, which took over a year to develop. Consumers who scan the QR code receive comprehensive and accurate information provided by all of the providers that participate in the ham’s production. This includes everything from its weight, the food the pig ate, where the ham was cured, the best-by date, etc.

Navidul QR system

Says the director of Navidul’s business unit, Juana Manso, “This will meet the demands of consumers who—concerned about their diet—are looking for more complete information about the products they eat,” according to Europa Press. This tech will also make it easier for consumers to share their opinions about their hams, which will enable the company to make corresponding changes to improve in this area.

Ibérico Ham in dish