Nov 06 2023

17 Spanish Cheeses Receive Super Gold Distinctions at World Cheese Awards, Best Performance by Any Country

In addition to the Super Gold winners, 68 Spanish cheeses won gold medals, 200 won silver meals, and 276 took home bronze medals

The very prestigious World Cheese Awards were recently held in Trondheim, Norway and, as in previous years, Spain performed especially well. Although a Norwegian cheese was crowned the official winner, cheeses from Spain took home 17 Super Gold awards, the best performance by any country.

These stellar cheeses were:

  • Finca La Cuadra’s Reserva Manchego PDO cheese made with pasteurized milk.
  • Adiano’s Reserva artisan Manchego PDO.
  • Manchego DOP artisan Media Curación from Dehesa de los Llanos.
  • Adiano’s Arcano curado cheese. 
  • Galmesán’s Galician cheese. 
  • Quesos Abuelo Ruperto's cheese.
  • Abuelo Ruperto mini cheese.
  • Majorero PDO Maxorata curado al pimentón, from Grupo Ganaderos de Fuerteventura. 
  • Los Payuelos’ Pata de Mulo semicurado cheese. 
  • CAPSA’s Asturias Gamonéu PDO cheese. 
  • Caprino del Esla’s Hircus Mega cheese. 
  • Herederos de Tomás Ruiz’s smoked cheese. 
  • Queso Artesano de Teruel’s Sierra de Albarracín’s Etiqueta Verde cheese. 
  • Lácteos Martínez’s Los Cameros cured sheep cheese artisan Manchego PDO cheese media curación. 
  • Formatgeria Granja Rinya’s Capricho soft cheese. 
  • Quesos Luisita pasteurized goat cheese. 
  • Quesería La Caldera oveja de guía cured cheese, by Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

Many other cheeses from Spain took home accolades. A total of 68 received gold medals, 200 took home silver medals, and 276 received bronze medals.

This unique competition, organized by the Guild of Fine Food, brought together everyone from retailers and buyers to cheesemakers to judge more than 4,000 cheeses from over 40 different countries.