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What are the Open Days China 2024?

The Open Days are presentations of Spanish products for local food and beverage importers in China. Additionally, Spanish companies, as well as organizations, associations, DO/IGP, and autonomous communities, have the opportunity to participate with an exhibition booth to showcase their products.

This activity is part of the #SpainFoodNation campaign developed under the agreement signed by ICEX and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food (MAPA) to promote the image of Spanish food, wines, and beverages in key export markets and provide opportunities for Spanish companies. 

Why participate?

This exhibition brings together the entire professional audience from the local food industry, including key players such as importers, distributors, HORECA, and specialized media.
It’s an exceptional opportunity to present products that can be considered gourmet, specialty, or imported, especially those with geographical indications or certifications like organic. Additionally, parallel activities related to Spanish culture and gastronomy will be held during the event.

In the late afternoon, the event opens to invited consumers, specifically selected for their interest in Spanish products and purchasing capacity.

Before the OpenDay the Spain Food Nation Summit will take place in the same venue. This activity is organized by ICEX and MAPA and will gather the most relevant figures of the agrifood scene: importers, HORECA and trade representatives and specialized press. An Advisory Council with professionals and influencers of the foodscene will present their findings and recommendations regarding the positioning of Spanish Wine in the China market and how Spanish products should enter the HORECA sector. This event will allow firms participating in the OpenDay to have access to high level contacts that will attend the SUMMIT. 

Where and when?

The OpenDay in Beijing will be on the 23rd of September in a 4 to 5 hotel star in the commercial area of the city. 

About Beijing

Beijing stands out as the political and cultural heart of the world’s second-largest economy. Simultaneously, it is a significant economic center with a population exceeding 20 million and a per capita income surpassing 20,000 euros. With a rich history intertwined with modernity, the city has experienced remarkable economic growth and has established itself as a leading hub in various sectors. Beijing not only houses important government institutions but also serves as a key focus for innovation and technology. In addition to its economic significance, the city offers a vibrant cultural scene with numerous historical sites, museums, and cultural events.

Beijing is the only city in the world that has hosted both summer and winter Olympic Games. Its 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites make it one of China’s premier destinations for domestic and international tourism. 

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