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Sep 25 2024 10:00 h


What are the Open Days China 2024?

The Open Days are promotional events for the presentation of Spanish products to local food and beverage importers in China. Additionally, Spanish companies, as well as organizations, associations, DO/IGP, and autonomous communities, have the opportunity to participate with an exhibition booth to showcase their products.

This activity is part of the #SpainFoodNation campaign developed under the agreement signed by ICEX and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food (MAPA) to promote the image of Spanish food, wines, and beverages in key export markets and provide opportunities for Spanish companies. 

Why participate?

This exhibition brings together the entire professional audience from the local food industry, including key players such as importers, distributors, HORECA, and specialized media.
It’s an exceptional opportunity to present products that can be considered gourmet, specialty, or imported, especially those with geographical indications or certifications like organic. Additionally, parallel activities related to Spanish culture and gastronomy will be held during the event.

In the late afternoon, the event opens to invited consumers, specifically selected for their interest in Spanish products and purchasing capacity. 

Where and when?

El OpenDay in Shenzhen will take place in Shenzhen on September 25th. 2024 in the Ritz Carlton Hotel of Shenzhen.
This same day the “Taste Spain” (an event for the searching distributors for Spanish companies with no presence in the Chinese market) will also take place, and a separate independent call for participants will be issued.

The Open Day of Shenzhen will be included in the Spanish Pantry Festival in the Ritz Carlton Hotel of Shenzhen.

On September 25th the professional fair will be held in a format of showroom , and with a Menu prepared by a Michelin Star Chef. An Olive Oil tunnel and seminars will also be held. 

During the two following days, the Chefs and Sommelier will present the Spanish gastronomy in different restaurants of the hotel. In this way, the impact of the event in the city of Shenzhen will be maximized. 

About Shenzhen

Shenzhen, located in Guangdong province, the largest consumer market in China, is a link between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong and a transport hub for coastal southern China. It is ranked number two on the mainland in terms of “overall economic competitiveness”. It is also regarded as one of China’s most important hi-tech R&D and manufacturing bases. In 2023, Shenzhen was the world’s fourth largest container port. With over 17 million inhabitants and more than 25.000€ per capita income, Shenzhen is considered one of the biggest consumption markets for international agro-food products. 

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