Sep 06 2016

Vinos Jeromín: Tradition and Vanguard Leadership in Madrid

With over fifty years experience in which the strive for excellence in making first-rate quality wines has always been its unwavering principle, Vinos Jeromín is now one of DO Vinos de Madrid’s major flagships. Its wines have won well-deserved recognition both at home and abroad, with exports close to reaching half a million bottles last year

Located in the town centre of Villarejo de Salvanés, in DO Vinos de Madrid’s quintessential vineyard region, Vinos Jeromín was founded in 1956 by Gregorio Martínez García. Although at first it was designed as a bodega targeted at making huge quantities of bulk wine to sell, very soon it started to invest in quality wine, a project which was consolidated in the short- to medium-term, at the hands of a second generation family member: Félix Martínez García-Fraile. 

As a result, in 1988, the bodega was totally renovated, and with it, the team. It was then that Félix Martínez’s sons came on board: Gregorio, who is at the head of the company and who managed to position the bodega on new markets, at national and international levels; and Manuel, an oenologist who, since his incorporation, has been the author of the bodega’s wines. From that moment on it was clearly decided that any investment would focus on making quality bottled wines, which these days are subject to well-deserved prestige in both Spain and on international markets.

A consequence of targeting foreign markets is that Vinos Jeromín’s export sales represented 50 percent of its total turnover, with close to 500,000 bottles distributed around the world, with main customers: the US, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, China, Israel and Austria, as well as others.

350 hectares of vineyard, wines with diverse price ranges

Vinos Jeromín owns 50 hectares of vineyard with vines aged, on average, over 30 years old, which guarantees the quality of the fruit for its range of high-profile products. In addition, it controls another 300 hectares located in the municipality of Villarejo de Salvanés as well as in a few villages in the southwest of the ‘Comunidad de Madrid’, where it maintains a close relationship with the region’s viticulturists.

Half of the vineyard controlled by the bodega is planted with Tempranillo, although it also grows Garnacha (30 percent), Syrah (10 percent), Cabernet Sauvignon (5 percent) and Merlot (5 percent). As regards the white varieties, the main strain is the native Malvar, which corners 70 percent of the production, while the remaining 30 percent is given over to Airén. 

Vinos Jeromín has a wide range of products at its disposal, distributed under different brand names which cover a host of price ranges in order to satisfy the needs of the greatest number of customers and markets possible. The principal brand names are: Félix Martínez Cepas Viejas, Manu Vino de Autor, Grego, Purificación, Puerta del Sol, Puerta de Alcalá, Puerta Cerrada and Vega Madroño, all of them made under DO Vinos de Madrid, of which it is a founding member. 

As an example of excellent, one only has to mention that Manu Vino de Autor scored 93 points in The Wine Advocate or that it won a Bacchus Gold at the Bacchus International Wine Competition in different years, same medal that was given to Félix Martínez Cepas Viejas.