Aug 17 2020

Txakoli #Trending

Summer’s not over yet—and that means that we all still have a few more weeks of sunny weather, backyard barbecues, and the chance to discover a new favorite warm weather wine.

Txakoli vineyards in the Basque Country

Why stick to the same old Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay when you can reach for something exotic from Spain instead, embracing America’s #trending new taste for Txakoli?

Crowning it “the perfect summer wine,” The Manual recently spotlighted this fresh, zesty Basque beverage as ideal for all-day outdoors sipping. Noting its low alcohol, bright acidity, slight effervescence, and extreme versatility as a food pairing, wine writer Mark Stock recommends five can’t-go-wrong examples of this popular Spanish white (which is also sometimes made as a rosé, for those who Think Pink):

Doniene Gorrondona 2017 Txakoli Ondarea

“Made with a bit of oak influence, this Txakoli is quite captivating. Made entirely from Hondarrabi Zuri, it shows zest and tart fruit, rounded out by some time in oak.”

Inazio Urrozola 2018 Txakolina

“This tasty riff comes from a history estate dating back to the mid-14th century. Sustainably farmed fruit leads to a zippy wine with flavors containing bountiful lemon and lime notes.”

Bodega Ulacia Txakolina

“Fit with the perfect effervescent kick, this wine shows lots of tropical fruit. Simply put, it’s the ultimate antidote to a sweltering mid-summer heatwave.”

Berroia 2018 Txakolina

“Made with a bit of Riesling, this wine is slightly deeper and richer, offering some honeycomb and dried fruit qualities. Enjoy it with some butter clams or, better yet, conserva.”

Rezabal Getariako 2019 Txakolina Rosé

“If you’re looking for a nice pink option, here it is. The wine comes from a family-owned operation in Zarautz and offers beautiful color as well as enticing flavors of wild strawberries.


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