Jan 25 2021

Bodega Vetus is First DO Toro Winery to Join Wineries for Climate Protection

The Vetus winery in DO Toro was able to comply with the program’s sustainable criteria and has obtained certification, confirming its staunch commitment to the environment.

Vetus winery in DO Toro

Bodega Vetus, in Spain’s DO Toro region, recently achieved an important milestone in connection with its commitment to the environment. It has become the first winery in its designation of origin to join Wineries for Climate Protection, an incredible initiative from the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV). Receiving certification is a testament to a winery’s focus on sustainability.

In recent years, Bodega Vetus has been working hard to reduce its carbon footprint by lowering its greenhouse gas emissions while also reducing waste, managing its water use better, and optimizing its energy resources. It has also turned to organic winemaking. This winery is responsible for brands such as Celsus, Vetus and Flor de Vetus, produced at its facilities and on its 20 hectares of vineyards with Tinta de Toro grapes.

Wineries for Climate Protection is “the first and only specific certification of environmental sustainability for the wine sector and aims to become the international benchmark in winemaking and the environment, seeking out solutions and best practices for wineries,” according to the FEV’s website. Wineries that meet the sustainable criteria can request certification from the corresponding authorized bodies. Once they receive it, they receive their certificate.

Vetus winery in DO Toro