Dec 16 2022

Clos Mogador Launches First Wine NFT in Spain

The winery worked with visual artist Xavier Vaqué, who used solarigraphy to create “Satori Time,” another NFT being launched in tandem

Spanish winery Clos Mogador certainly has its finger on the pulse of the tech, wine, and art industries. The Priorat-based bodega recently collaborated with photographer and visual artist Xavier Vaqué to create “Satori Time.”

This is a unique art concept whereby Vaqué used handmade cameras to capture the light grapes need to mature. The images, called solarigraphy, show the sun as it crosses the sky in the Clos Mogador vineyard. Vaqué used a long exposure, over the course of 39 days, for this artwork. It was created in 2021 and the wine is expected to be bottled at the end of 2023.

“Satori Time” is available in print version and has been nominated as the Best Spanish Photography Book by PhotoEspaña. “Satori Time” is also available in digital version as an NFT in the fall of 2023.  

The second NFT is for Clos Mogador 2021. This project was completed in collaboration with trustINwine. This is an extremely innovative initiative and Clos Mogador 2021 is the first NFT made from wine in Spain. The limited edition release will comprise just 55 bottles. People who buy a Clos Mogador 2021 NFT will receive a digital certificate that confirms that they own one bottle of wine. Once the wine is available, they can redeem it.