May 17 2022

Wine Professionals From Around the World Connect at Fenavin 2022

A record number of business deals were done at this year’s edition of Fenavin, considered an essential force for promoting Spanish wine

Fenavin 2022 has come to a close with spectacular numbers for this year's edition. The event is believed to have generated 64 million euros in sales and another 20 million in the province. Specifically, every buyer at the fair, of which there were more than 4,200, made business deals worth 15,000 euros, according to data from Ciudad Real's local government.

In the Wine Gallery, one of the main attractions at the event, there were more than 1,400 wines on hand. Both national and international buyers were able to participate and enjoy quick tastings of an enormous range of wines and then connect with the wineries to do business. Buyers came from across the globe, from Germany, Belgium, Peru, and the UK, among other countries.

Fenavin 2022 audience

Young white wines garnered plenty of attention, and cocktails made with wine were also in the spotlight. There was a wide range of topics discussed, such as discovering business opportunities for wines in Germany, the current situation of wine ecommerce in Brazil, and global consumption sustainability. Sommelier Pedro Martinez presented his De Nariz brand, and a new face-to-face service was added to the event’s business center.

Fenavin is an extremely important national wine fair that will indubitably help drive growth one of Spain's most emblematic sector.

Fenavin big 2022