Sep 02 2022

La Rioja to Host the 2023 Global Conference on Wine Tourism

Professionals and experts from around the world will head to la Rioja to share their experiences and strategies to boost wine tourism 

The Global Conference on Wine Tourism is a top international forum organized by the World Tourism Organization. It brings together industry professionals and experts from all over the world to discuss opportunities and tools for advancing wine tourism and to share their experiences and expertise. The 7th edition, to be held in 2023, will be hosted in La Rioja. 

Plans for the upcoming edition were announced at the Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture, in the region’s town of Briones. At the presentation, Concha Andreu, President of La Rioja, noted that holding the prestigious international conference in La Rioja could help boost tourism, noting that “La Rioja possesses a unique and diverse heritage, both material and intangible, related to wine as food and as a product, and, in turn, that heritage constitutes a leading tourism offering that can and should be further enhanced,” according to 

Global wine production has declined as a result of the drought in Europe, and producers everywhere must weather the environmental challenges that are arising from climate change. 

Conference attendees will work together to discuss new strategies to grow wine tourism, which not only creates jobs and other opportunities, but also supports economic growth.