Sep 30 2023

Copa Jerez, the Ultimate Contest for Sherry Pairing Kicks Off!

 Jerez is getting ready for the exciting final of Copa Jerez, the International Sherry wine Competition! This year’s teams are: Cristóbal Muñoz (chef) and Laura Rodríguez (sommelier) from Ambivium, in Spain; Arnout Desmedt (chef) and Gianluca di Taranto (sommelier), from Cook & GDT, in Belgium; Taylor Stark (chef) and Caroline Clark (sommelier) from The Wolf’s Tailor, in the US; Gail Ge’er Li (chef) and Jiachen Lu (sommelier) from Dinings SW3, in the UK; Daniele Tortomsi (chef) and Gabriele Tortomsi (sommelier) from Krone, in Germany; Allan Shultz (chef) and Nana Wad (sommelier) from Parsley Salon, in Denmark; and Martijn Wijnands (chef) and Randy Bouwer (sommelier) from Vigor, in the Netherlands.

Each of the teams has also advanced to this final after taking part in their national competitions.  Foods and Wines from Spain/ICEX organizes these events and select the competitors in the different countries.

This year's prestigious judges are Almudena Alberca, an oenologist and the first Spanish female Master of Wine; Jancis Robinson, and English wine critic and Master of Wine; Pascaline Lepeltier, names Best Sommelier in France in 2018; Josep Roca, sommelier and owner of El Cellar de Can Roca; and Melania Bellesini, the head sommelier at The Fat Duck Group. The event will take place in Villamarta Theater in Jerez de la Frontera on October 3 and 4.

Many activities will be organized alongside the competition, such as winery and vineyard tours, tastings, and presentations. This year’s Copa Jerez will be the 10th edition, although the biennial event is celebrating its 20 anniversary.

Sherry is a unique, fortified wine produced in Andalusia. It has PDO status and must come from an area in Spain known as the Sherry Triangle. They are aged and blended using the solera system, and are truly a national treasure.