Logroño (La Rioja)

Logroño (La Rioja)

Max. Summer temp. : 36-38 ºC
Min. Winter temp. : -4 ºC
Average rainfall: 350-450 mm annually
Average sunshine: 2,800 hours annually

Valles de Sadacia VdT

Its geographical limits currently cover four of the seven valleys in La Rioja: Iregua, Leza, Cidacos and Alhama, but its natural limits cover all the municipalities with qualities to grow white varieties in the Autonomous Community of La Rioja; these include a great number of villages not covered by DOCa Rioja.

Valles de Sadacia is a white wine which can be dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet. It must be elaborated at least with a 85% of Moscatel de Grano Menudo and/or Moscatel de Alejandría. The rest can be from one of the white varieties accepted in La Rioja (Chardonnay, Viura or Macabeo, Albillo Mayor or Torrontés, Garnacha Blanca, Gewürztraminer, Malvasía, Maturana Blanca, Parellada, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Tempranillo Blanco, Verdejo and Xarello).

Min alcohol: 10% vol

Sugar content:
Dry: Max 5 gr/l
Semi-dry: 5 gr/l - 15 gr/l
Semi-sweet: 15 gr/l - 50 gr/l
Sweet: Min 50 gr/l


VdT Valles de Sadacia
Asociación Vinos de la Tierra Valles de Sadacia
Gran Vía, 14 2º A
26002 Logroño
La Rioja
Tel.: +34 941 271 217

Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

Principal grapes (w)
Moscatel de Grano Menudo and/or Moscatel de Alejandría.