Boqueixon -A Coruña (Galicia)

Boqueixon -A Coruña (Galicia)

Average temp. : 14.5 ºC
Average rainfall: 1,020 mm annually
Average sunshine: 2,000 hours annually

Betanzos VdT

White and red wines produced in several municipalities of A Coruña, Galicia. Wines must have a minimum of 60% of the recommended varieties.

Alcohol content (% vol.): Single-Varietal wines min 11% vol. Rest 10% vol.

Red grapes approved: Recommended: Mencía, Brancellao, Merenzao. Also authorized Gran negro and Garnacha Tintorera.

White grapes approved: Recommended: Godello, Albarín Blanco (Branco lexítimo), Chenín Blanco (Agudelo). Also authorized Palomino.

Maximum crop: 11,000 kg/ha for recommended white grapes, 10,000 kg/ha for recommended red grapes. Rest: 11,500 kg/ha.

Yield: 65%


VdT Betanzos
Pazo de Quián - Sergude
15881 Boqueixon (A Coruña)
Tel: (+34) 881 997 391 / 881 997 276

Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

Instituto Gallego de la Calidad Alimentaria (INGACAL)

Area under vine
7.4 ha.
Principal grapes (w)
Godello, Albarín Blanco (Branco lexítimo) and Chenín Blanco (Agudelo).
Principal grapes (r)
Mencía, Brancellao and Merenzao.
Maximum crop
Whites: 11,000 kg/ha; Reds: 10,000 kg/ha; Rest: 11,500 kg/ha
65 %
Production 2014
190 hl
Production 2015
83 hl
Production 2016
78 hl