Amurrio (Basque Country)

Amurrio (Basque Country)

Max. Summer temp. : 38 ºC
Min. Winter temp. : -2 °C
Average rainfall: 899 mm annually
Average sunshine: 12 hrs

Chacolí de Álava-Arabako Txakolina-Txakoli de Álava DO

Alava, the Basque country's southern inland province, is mainly known for its red wines produced in vineyards which fall within Rioja DOP. However, in 2001 it also registered a chacolí denomination called, in Basque, Arabako Txakolina.

In 1989 an agreement was signed by the Diputación Foral de Alava and the half-dozen remaining producers to recover chacolí production in the Comarca de Aiara. By the year 1999-2000 there were 50 hectares of vineyard, thirty three producers and their joint production had risen to 80,000 litres of wine. The DO was awarded in May 2001.

The main authorized grapes are the white Hondarrabi Zuri and red Hondarrabi Beltza, along with Petit Manseng, Gros Manseng and Petit Corbu.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador DO Chacolí de Álava-Arabako Txakolina-Txakoli de Álava
C/ Dionisio Aldama, 7 1ºD
01470 Amurrio
Tel.: +34 656 789 372

Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

Regulatory Council, Chacolí de Álava-Arabako Txakolina-Txakoli de Álava PDO

Area under vine
100 ha.
Soil types
PH between 7.5 and 8. Active limestone between 7.2 and 9.2.
Principal grapes (w)
Hondarribi Zuri.
Principal grapes (r)
Hondarribi Beltza.
Maximum crop
13,000 kgs/ha
Production 2013
2,480.00 hl
Production 2014
3,861.00 hl
Production 2015
4,490.00 hl