Getaria (Basque Country)

Getaria (Basque Country)

Max. Summer temp. : 35º C (average)
Min. Winter temp. : 2 °C (average)
Average rainfall: 1,600 mm annually
Average sunshine: 1,800 hours annually

Chacolí de Guetaria-Getariako Txakolina-Txakoli de Getaria DO

The Basque Country’s fresh, white wine, called txakoli on home ground and chacolí elsewhere in Spain, is produced in the region’s three provinces. The DO, which encompasses the growing area in the province of Guipuzcoa (Gipuzkoa), is called Getariako Txakolina in Basque and has 402 hectares devoted to vineyards. Consisting mostly of trained vines, 90% of them are located in coastal areas.

In 1989 the Chacolí from Guetaria (only produced in Aya, Guetaria y Zarauz) was recognised as a Designation of Origin with the name Getariako Txakolina. And in 2007 the Getariako Txakolina Designation expanded its geographical area to the whole of the province of Guipuzcoa.

Until twenty years ago, good chacolí could only be found in the farmsteads (caseríos) where it was traditionally made. Today, assisted by new technology and the extraordinary gastronomic standards of restaurants throughout the region, the bodegas of Guetaria are enjoying a renaissance.

The small growing area and the wines growing local popularity provides little surplus to send abroad.

Locally, txakoli is poured an inch or so at a time into characteristic flat-bottomed tumblers and then drunk before it loses its sparkling edge, known as txinparta in Basque.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador DO Chacolí de Guetaria-Getariako Txakolina-Txakoli de Getaria
Parque Aldamar, 4
20808 Getaria
Te.: +34 943 140 383

Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

Regulatory Council, Chacolí de Guetaria-Getariako Txakolina-Txakoli de Getaria PDO

Area under vine
402 ha.
Altitude of vineyards
10-100 m.
Soil types
Light, sandy topsoil and alluvial clay subsoil.
Principal grapes (w)
Hondarribi Zuri.
Principal grapes (r)
Hondarribi Beltza.
Maximum crop
13,000 kg/ha
Production 2013
10,657.59 hl
Production 2014
24,225.00 hl
Production 2015
25,125.00 hl