Leioa (Basque Country)

Leioa (Basque Country)

Max. Summer temp. : 20º C (average)
Min. Winter temp. : 9 °C (average)
Average rainfall: 1,200 mm annually
Average sunshine: 1,544 hours annually

Chacolí de Vizcaya-Bizkaiko Txakolina-Txakoli de Bizkaia DO

It was at the beginning of the 80´s when a group of wine producers formed the Txakoli Winemakers´ Association (BIALTXA) and with support from the local Basque administration (the Basque Government and the Biscay Provincial Government), the recovery of this exquisite and unique libation was begun.

The result of all this work and collaboration came about in 1994 with the appellation contrôlée entitled “Chacolí de Vizcaya – Bizkaiko Txakolina” (Txakoli de Bizkaia).

This DO came about to let people know about this ancestral wine and to appreciate and protect this fruit of Atlantic winegrowing that features local varieties of grapes and the know-how of our farms (traditional cultivation of rural Biscay where txakoli is produced).

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador DO Chacolí de Vizcaya-Bizkaiko Txakolina-Txakoli de Bizkaia
Barrio Mendible, 42
48940, Leioa
Tel.:94 607 60 71

Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

Regulatory Council, Chacolí de Vizcaya-Bizkaiko Txakolina-Txakoli de Bizkaia PDO

Area under vine
392 ha.
Altitude of vineyards
Up to 400 m.
Soil types
Generally not very deep, slightly acidic with a clay-loam texture on limestone rock and marls.
Principal grapes (w)
Hondarribi Zuri.
Principal grapes (r)
Hondarribi Beltza.
Maximum crop
13,000 kg/ha
Production 2013
9,998.07 hl
Production 2014
15,696.34 hl
Production 2015
17,763.65 hl