Utiel (Valencian Community)

Utiel (Valencian Community)

Max. Summer temp. : 38 ºC
Min. Winter temp.: -5 ºC
Average rainfall: 400 mm annually
Average sunshine: 2,900 hours annually

El Terrerazo VP

D.O.P. (PDO) El Terrerazo was born in 2010, as published in the Official Journal of the GV. The legal text  describes every of the plots and practices defining the singularity of El Terrerazo, recognizing it as Vino de Pago. The estate is located in Valencia Region, about 80 km away from the Mediterranean Sea and also 100 km from Teruel, one of the coldest cities in Spain.

DOP El Terrerazo  counts on 87 hectares, around the winery in a single estate or Pago. At an average height of 820 meters, it benefits from a Continental climate influenced by Mediterranean: low rainfall and big night-day temperatures gaps.

The key element defining El Terrerazo is Bobal, one of the most important local grape varieties in Spain, and their job with its clonal selection, canopy management practices (to obtain smaller and looser Bobal clusters) and its recovery of autochthonous yeast, all on 100% organic viticulture environment, UE Organic Certified.

Regulatory Council

VP El Terrerazo
Ctra. Nac. 330 Pk 196.
46300 Utiel
Tel.: +34 962 168 260

Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

Regulatory Council, El Terrerazo VP

Area under vine
87 ha.
Altitude of vineyards
800-900 m.
Soil types
Sandy limestone on a chalky cluster.
Principal grapes (w)
Principal grapes (r)
Maximum crop
4,000 kg/ha
1 kg/square meter of leave exposed (canopy) or 3,500-4,000 kgs/ha
Production 2013
476 hl
Production 2014
1,430 hl
Production 2015
1,752 hl