Figueres (Catalonia)

Figueres (Catalonia)

Max. Summer temp. : 29 ºC
Min. Winter temp.: 1.5 ºC
Average rainfall: 600 mm annually
Average sunshine: 2,400 hours annually

Empordà DO

Growers and winemakers in the vineyards of Empordà have turned their attention to healthier clones of vines and new fermentation technology. As a result this area promises to become a producer of high quality wines.

Although this is traditionally cooperative country, new small family bodegas, often guided by young oenologists, are springing up. They, too, are renovating vinification methods. Traditionally sweet natural wines have been the speciality here, as in France, just over the border, but today the bodegas are winning recognition for modern young reds.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador DO Empordà
Av. Marignane, 2
17600 Figueres
Tel.: +34 972 507 513

Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

Regulatory Council, Empordà PDO

Area under vine
1,770 ha.
Altitude of vineyards
200 m.
Soil types
The Empordà DO has very heterogeneous land, the majority of which has a sandy texture and low organic material content. The soils are largely acidic, and the area varies in height from sea level to an altitude of 260 m. It is important to bear in mind that in the Empordà plain the alluvial soils are predominant, whereas in the mountainous and mountainside areas the soils are slatey and granitic.
Principal grapes (w)
Garnacha Blanca, Garnacha Roja, Macabeo and Moscatel de Alejandría.
Principal grapes (r)
Cariñena and Garnacha Tinta.
Maximum crop
12,000 kg/ha (white), 10,000 kg/ha (red)
70 %
Production 2013
38,924 hl
Production 2014
43,124 hl
Production 2015
46,302 hl